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Estate Agent Services

Estate Agent Virtual Tour Services

Why choose us?

Fast Turnaround Time

We can supply an excellent Estate Agent Virtual Tour Service with very fast turnarounds and the ability to visit the required property with 24 hours. We can enable you to have it on your website and social media pages normally within 1 day of taking the photography dependent on the scale of the property.

All in one Virtual Tour & Photography package saving time and money. Our prices start at around £100.00 for the standard all-in-one package for a small flat.

Our services includes a photography package with excellent quality images which we can normally share with you within 1 day of processing. However, this could be slightly longer if you require photography edits.

Photography Edit Services

We can also supply you with extra photography services to further improve your photography package such as adding blue skys and registration plate blurs for privacy.

Interactive tags included

Our service includes adding interactive tags within the tour linking to images,information or videos to further enhance the tour.

Overlay Service to include customised logo and extra buttons etc

We can include an overlay service to include your logo, extra buttons such as snapshot( viewer and agent can take their own photography of property and download them) Measurement tool ( viewer can take measurements), compass, tag menu's, pre-recorded agent voice overs to guide the viewer around , pre-recorded intro videos and many more choices.

CGI (Staging) Services

We have a CGI service should you require it where we can stage a property or edit furniture. This means we can arrange for current furniture to be replace with more modern furniture, remove items to make the room look empty, add or remove single items to make the room look tidier. This can include a complete renovation of the whole property to show a viewer what this property could look like. This service is particularly helpful for properties struggling to sell.Please go to our CGI page for more information.

To enable us to create these images we can work with you on the design ideas and help you get the project looking just how you would like or you can let us do the imaginative interier design for you. You will have a choice of different kinds of furniture to choose from such as Contempary, Modern, Country Look etc.

Virtual Viewing Services & Staged Advertising Page Service which can include 2D & 3D floorplans

We can provide a staged advertising page service at extra cost for each property which puts the Vitual Tour and photography neatly into one advertising page for social media use.

We also have two choices of layout. Below are the two different examples. Please click the photographs to see them.

Option 1

A Virtual Tour of a Home

Option 2

A Virtual Tour of a Home

3D & 2D Floorplans

We can add a 2D or 3D floorplan which would look like this;

3D Plan

2D Plan

Virtual Viewing Platform to enable a live virtual tour walkthrough with a viewer

The platform page can also provide a 'virtual viewing' service where Estate Agents can easily show a viewer around a property online remotely just be sharing a link with them by email. This is extremely helpful for disabled people, people shielding for COVID-19 & people with travel restrictions etc. This can also help allow more viewing in one day as multiple viewers can have a 'virtual viewing'at one time safely without risking Covid-19 infection as they are not physically together. Press the 'play' button on the video below to see it in action;

If you would be interested in getting a quote from us for any work then please do not hesitate to contact. Details of how to do so can be found on our 'Contact Us' page .