Specific CAD software includes


We use these to create and process CAD files in any format, to suit clients requirements.

Customer requirements can range from straightforward Floor Plans and Elevations, or with further processing we can produce drawings for

    Stacking Plans
    Furniture Layouts
    Fire Risk Assesments
    Planning Applications
    Building Warrants
    Health and Safety Audits
    Land Registry
    Asset Registers
    Sale Particulars

Other software we use to provide relevant data included

    Photoshop, Acrobat, Excel, Word,Access, Powerpoint, Scan2CAD, AIDE, Visio, Archibus, Bluebeam, Brava

We also create specific efficiency enhancing custom programs, routines and tools within the CAD software which ensures efficiency and consistency of data.Creation of enhancements for your Cad system is another area of our expertise.

Re-layering of Cad drawing data to & or any derived standards applicable to your organization is an area of particular expertise, as is the issuing and receiving of Cad data on your behalf, ensuring that external suppliers adhere to your set of CAD Standards.

Our use of CAD is not just restricted to the field of measured building surveys, or indeed anything related to buildings, if its on CAD or needs to be on CAD we can help you.

We currently manage CAD and space management data for a major bank’s portfolio of over 3000 properties in the UK and overseas.