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Our 3D Virtul Tour Showcase service is a simple Virtual Tour Service which we send you as a link to add to your Webpage or Social Media Pages when it has been completed. There is therefore no need for large storage space on your devices and it will be continously kept running smoothly for years to come on a highly secure state of the art engineered storage cloud. There will be a cost for creation of the Virtual Tour and a fee per Virtual Tour to pay per month to keep it running smoothly in the storage cloud.

Below are a few of our most recent projects. Click on them and take a look at how great the 3D Showcase looks and how easy it is to share and to switch from different views using the buttons at the bottom. If you are viewing it on a PC or large screen then be sure to press the 'full screen' button on the bottom right of each showcase after pressing 'play' to get the best full screen viewing experience.

A Little Bit About Virtual Tours

A Virtual Tour of your property can totally immerse your online viewers into your property really showing it off to its maximum potential and giving viewers a true sense of 'feeling' before visiting it in person. It can also help to weed out less interested customers and save on expensive and time consuming site visits & provide reassurance.

It can allow your online visitors to access unsafe or unreachable areas or allow those with mobility disabilities access to places they can't do in person helping them enjoy the same experiences as everyone. It can also allow future visitors to check out suitable disabled routes and gain confidence before their arrival. With online Virtual tours, nowhere is unreachable.

The Benefits

Our 3D Virtual Tour Showcase package is a fantastic easy to use tool for viewers of your website and social media pages. Listed below are some more of it's Benefits;

  • Easy to embed in your website and social media pages and share by email by pressing a simple link button
  • Fantastic looking 4K print ready photography included for all your advertising needs sent to you as a file.
  • A 3D Model of your building to add to that 'wow' factor.
  • A very fast processing time - it can be on your website in a matter of days or less
  • It's Very Cost efficient as there is so much in the package for all your advertising needs
  • Additional Services

    Once your virtual tour package is finished there are a lots of additional services you can grow from it such as;

  • 4K Video Adverts can be produced from the package for online advertising containing Drone photography,music,edits and voice overs
  • Variations of the tours can be produced for different needs;
  • staging different venue uses like a Wedding, a Conference, public spaces only, fire escape plans, a particular artist in a gallery, or even different celebrations like Christmas or Easter
  • Disability/safe zones
  • Emergency Evacuation plans for staff and local emergency services
  • Black & White Schematic Floorplans
  • Interactive Mapping or Pictures ( adding your virtual tours to an interactive map of an area or even a picture)
  • Providing Measurements of items within your virtual tour at a later date using our software
  • Quiz creation to draw in viewers to your website or social media pages ( ie create a quiz with a prize!)


    Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Additional Services
    A Virtual Tour A Virtual Tour A Virtual Tour 4K Video Ad Production
    High quality 4K print ready panoramic and Standard Photography High quality 4K print ready panoramic and Standard Photography High quality 4K print ready panoramic and Standard Photography Bundle of Data Files For Architects, Engineers & Technicians
    Option of Upload to Google Maps Option of Upload to Google Maps Option of Upload to Google Maps Additional Adapted Tours(ie for Disability, Facility Hire, Safe Zones, Venue Hireetc)
    no tags Up to 50 Standard Information Tags Added(more can be purchased) Up to 100 Standard Information Tags Added(more can be purchased) Treasure Hunts or Quizzes
      Up to 5 Interactive tags(more can be purchased) Up to 10 Interactive tags(more can be purchased) Black & White Schematic Floorplans
    A 3D Model(Dollhouse Image) A 3D Model(Dollhouse Image) A 3D Model(Dollhouse Image) Interactive Map Creation
    A 3D Virtual Reality Tour ( the latest in Virtual Tour Technology - VR Headset capability totally immersing the viewer) A Virtual Reality Tour ( the latest in Virtual Tour Technology - VR Headset capability totally immersing the viewer) A Virtual Reality Tour ( the latest in Virtual Tour Technology - VR Headset capability totally immersing the viewer) 4k Video presentation for advertising use fully edited
          Any CAD services we can offer(see our Web Pages)



    Once your Virtual Tours has been produced, we can look at creating a map service for your website to embed our tours and photography into. This could be used for large private property grounds with outbuildings or for a tourist street map etc. The map can incorporate a mixture of Virtual Tours and photography for the viewer to interactively experience by clicking the hotspots on the map.

    Alternatively,, If you have already spent money on creating a map for your business, we can easily turn this into an interactive map for your website without any further mapping creation costs.

    Your Virtual Tour can also be included on our own Cairn Virtual Reality UK Directory Map to further advertise your business at no extra cost. This map will be displayed on our Website available for our website visitors to look at giving your further advertising.


    A Treasure Hunt or quiz for your virtual tour is a great way of grabbing the attention of visitors to your website or social media sites. Its a good way of getting them to take a look at your virtual tour quickly. Perhaps offer a prize for the quiz or treasure hunt.

    If you would like a Treasure Hunt done for your Virtual tour then you can either arrange to have items hidden before we visit to photograph the tour or you can create a treasure hunt or quiz at a later date using the items on display normally.


    Our virtual tour showcase can be reproduced and adapted to a particular need. Some ideas could be;

  • A Disability Tour( a virtual tour showing suitable routes/facilities for disabled visitors)
  • Safe Zones( a virtual tour that highlights safe areas for help/reassurance within a building)
  • Facilities/Room Hire( A virtual tour showing equipment for hire and perhaps linking to your booking page on your website)
  • Venues/Exhibitions( you could set up your virtual tour spaces to show of particular events such as weddings or a Hall exhibition)
  • Particular Artist in a gallery( create a virtual tour of a specific artist in a gallery)
  • Fire Escape Plans/Emergency Routes( a great tool for schools/public buildings and for passing onto your local emergency services)

    We can create floorplans of the area we have captured in your Virtual Tour Showcase. These can be with you within 2 working days and can include labels and internal measurements etc.


    This Bundle is a file package for  architects, engineers, and construction professionals  who want to import these assets into third-party programs (3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. For example:

  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to jump-start their designs.
  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.
  • 3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality
  • Take a look at our photograph gallery below to see an interesting selection of photography we have captured from our Virtual tours showcase.

    Using our company for Virtual Tours is using a well established company you can trust. We can provide services far beyone a basic virtual tour service or a simple package . No project is too big or too small for us.

    Get in touch soon if you would like a presentation of our Virtual tour Showcase Service.