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COVID-19 Services

As we enter a state of Lockdown for the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses like ours have been left with the option of remaining closed, asking staff to work from home, or making arrangements to make their workplace safe enough to open again or open their business to online viewing.

We have therefore been working on programmes that help us help businesses to plan their workplace so it can be within social distancing guidelines. If you have floorplans already for your workplace we can look at providing you with this service. If not then we also provide a Measured Building Plan Service for all your floorplan needs.    

We are also in a position to come out and capture a 3D Fully interactive Virtual Tour of your premise provided the building is clean and empty for us to do so. All necessary precautions will be carried out to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus . The work required requires very little need to touch anything in the room and needs the property to be vacated too. This would enable you to open your business up online for viewers to take a look around at your services or stock on a computer or mobile device and even in Virtual reality totally immersing them into your premise.  This service has interactive capabilities so can link to your website online store or can link to an exploded photograph, pdf or even a video.  Why shut your business when you can keep it open with this tool for your website or social media pages.  The Virtual Tour is easily shared online and produces high quality photography and even a 3D model of your premise! Take a look at our virtual tour page for more details of how a Virtual Tour can work for your business especially through COVID-19 lockdown.           

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like help with preparing for a COVID-19 safe Workplace and we can see what we can do to help your business get up and running in person or online.